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TWSBI ARL 580 M with Pendleton's Elegant BLS Stub Italic + Falcon Flex! Yes

TWSBI ARL 580 M with Pendleton's Elegant BLS Stub Italic + Falcon Flex! Yes
TWSBI ARL 580 M with Pendleton's Elegant BLS Stub Italic + Falcon Flex! Yes
TWSBI ARL 580 M with Pendleton's Elegant BLS Stub Italic + Falcon Flex! Yes
TWSBI ARL 580 M with Pendleton's Elegant BLS Stub Italic + Falcon Flex! Yes
TWSBI ARL 580 M with Pendleton's Elegant BLS Stub Italic + Falcon Flex! Yes
TWSBI ARL 580 M with Pendleton's Elegant BLS Stub Italic + Falcon Flex! Yes
TWSBI ARL 580 M with Pendleton's Elegant BLS Stub Italic + Falcon Flex! Yes

TWSBI ARL 580 M with Pendleton's Elegant BLS Stub Italic + Falcon Flex! Yes
This German (Jowo) nibbed TWSBI ARL 580 M piston filler is thrillingly enhanced by my Elegant BLS modification and a sweet touch of my fabulous Falcon Flex! Award winning TWSBI 500 series design is complemented by famous customer service support (if ever needed). Then of course, I'm always here for you. Reat yourself to some exciting writing! BLS is my elegant Butter-Line StubItalic! A few of my raves below. I trust that you are well and hope that you will grace me with another memorable nib. I believe this will be my 5th Pendleton nib (Parker 51 x 2 , Twisbi and Toledo 710). I have become addicted to your nib craft. Love what youve done to my pens!

Thank you Pendleton, I love these pens and the nib workfreakin beautiful! I would be ordering two more pens for nib work from you soon. I now own 6 PB BLS pens. Dear Pendleton; received the pen the nib writes perfectly, so smooth, yielding both fat and hair-line thin strokes with ease, my writing looks fantastic because of what you did to this nib, true magic, seriously. I cant thank you enough for a job more than well done.

Ill be back, thats for sure. Hi Pendleton, I received the Visconti today. I just filled it and it is perfectyou did a great job making a too wet/too wide stub into a great pen! Also, there is another pen on the way to you, this time a Pelikan. You should have it either tomorrow or Wednesday. Great job again, and thanks! I received my smoky Pel and I have to tell you that you did a STELLAR job on the nib! It is smooth, wet and the BLS modification is absolutely gorgeous! Whether you're a magician or a genius or both! Writing with this pen makes me really happy! You've outdone yourself this time! I can't believe you fixed both pens to perfection. I don't know which one to use first. Thank you so much for saving my pen collection! I just wanted to sincerely thank you for making what has become my undisputed favorite pen -- the bar has definitely been raised!

I don't know how you do that, but it is awesome!! You worked magic on a Lamy 2000 a few years ago for me, and it remains my favorite writer. You did an excellent job!

The perfect combination of sharpness and wetness is the duality I was seeking and you came through for me! The BLS is a wonderful nib grind for writing. I appreciate how I can get my inks to sheen while still having sharp thick and thin line variations.

Until next time, Be BLSed as well! Seems to defy the laws of physics.

The name "butter line" isn't a lie, it's incredibly smooth and nicely flowing! I'm touching base to say hi and let you know I'm still using so many of your nibs-- especially the Lamy 2000 BB you did for me it was my first meistered nib! And a TWSBI VAC700 fine BLS that's always been a favorite. Your nibs are awesome, you are the friendliest nibmaster on Earth and your process takes only a few weeks. We first met at Art Brown many, many years ago.

You modified a Conway Stewart nib for me and I was hooked. I have two TWSBIs, a LAMY 2000, a Conway Stewart and now a Estie from you. Pendleton, Pen received, and it is perfect.

I really appreciate your customer service and patience. I will be recommending you to everyone I know! Brown, I wanted to let you know that I really like the way this pen writes now because of your work. I have sent 2 Pilot VP nibs your way today JS.

Pendleton, you are so awesome! Thank you for another wonderful fountain pen. Truly one of a kind!

Brown, my Falcon writes like a dream now. The two P51s that you worked on are a joy to write with.

As always, you did an amazing job! The Bad Boy is incredible especially with the broad nib.

Received the pen in the post today, and promptly filled it with deAtramentis Jane Austen. The ink is my favorite, giving the page an old time look, and now my Pelikan just spills out the words to paper, such as the Fall leaves settle to the ground. I wanted you to know that the pens arrived safely.

I inked both and they are amazing. In fact, so much so that today I sent you two additional pens to work your magic ona Montblanc Boheme and a Pelikan 800. Mr Brown, All I have to say is WOW! This is now the best pen I own.

My favorites may go to a friend now. You have effectively shown me what a well tuned nib can do and I cannot go back. Although I have already left you glowing feedback, I felt compelled to send you a personal note about that fabulous pen that I just received from you. A pleasant surprise after inking it, I have done nothing but pull that pen out write with it, admire my writing, The nib writes like nothing I have experienced, smooth as advertised, and the wetness is perfect. I will stalk your items SB.

When writing with this wonderful pen with BLS and Falcon Flex, you can get some very odd looks as you mutter effing Amazing, effing Awsome! Cannot get over the difference in the nib and how fun, enjoying it is to write with!! Wished I had done it long before!!

I'm a big fan of your work. Have two pens with nibs modified by you that I love to death.

Thanks and good things HD. Pendleton I was so impressed with the previous two pens they are my favorites! , I would love more of your work!

Thank you for your great artistry! You remain the best in the business! Your nib is marvelous, unimaginable, fantastic! I have never seen so much finesse and subtleties in a nib! I cannot believe it; your work is a masterpiece; something that touches on art , really. PB I love what you did with the nib and it is definitely the smoothest stub in my collection; this will definitely be a pen I reach for often. Thank you for working your magic on this one and also the quick turnaround. Thank you so much for this breathtaking pen! I cannot believe this, but I can once again sign my name with FLAIR! Pendleton, Just inked up my Pilot Custom Heritage 92 with its fantastic new (BLSd) nib. Thank you for making a. Boring nib into a great writer! Just love writing with your pens and nibs! Since 2 days I do not leave it, it's a marvel! I have never had a nib so sensitive, nuanced in lines variation, precise and smooth!

It starts a quarter turn, and is not just a "Butter-line" but a "cream"! I love it, I do not want any else.

Your nib goes beyond my dreams and it's a real pleasure to write with! After years of searching for various pens, I found my happiness! WOW what a job you did on it.

Ive just received the pens, and WOWED. Its my very first experience with custom grinds and its just fantastic. Thank you very much Pendleton. Im so sorry that I cant give much thanks to you enough and express my pleasure due to my poor English communication skill.

Thanks a lot for your great work and craftmanship. Some years back you customized a group of pens for me. I just wanted you to know that all are absolutely marvelous, and are in daily use.

You transformed an okay Parker 51 fine into a spectacular cursive italic. A so-so Lamy 2000 BB became a wondrous cursive italic - a worthy calligraphy tool.

The best of the bunch were two always-awful 18K fines for Parker 75's. You put a stub on one that's been a daily user ever since. For the other fine you created a heavenly yet precise cursive italic - again, a worthy calligraphy tool. Thank you for bringing these bits of joy into my life.

Wishing you only the best. My gosh, I was expecting perfection and you exceeded my expectations! Thank you so much for your BLS on this pen. It writes like a dream. You Sir, are a dangerous man to know!

I have fallen in love with the B BLS that you made... This one (Safari 1.9 mmOBBB) looks completely insane! I received my TWSBI Diamond 580 flexy BLS today from your expert hand! This nib is simply phenomenal and far-out performing the 1.5 mm factory nib I previously had on this pen. This is my third nib from you and I have loved every single one of them!

I cant believe how Smooth yet Crisp this nib is! You are an alchemist capable of changing base stainless steel nibs into gold. This is my third pen with your BLS nib. I absolutely love the way they write.

Thank you for doing what you do! Your nib work exceeded all expectations and transformed my Vac 700R into one of my constantly inked go to writers. Thank you for sharing your talent.

- Never before did I need a cigarette after using a pen! Pendleton You turned my pens into dreams CM. I received the Sailor today, and it is perfect. Probably is the best nib I ever wrote with - but then I admit I say it each and every time I receive the pens you customize... I got the pen, and it is WONDERFUL.

Love it, love it, love it. Can you tell I love it? Did I mention I love it! Take a breath here Seriously, this is exactly what I envisioned and hoped for____ The width is exactly right for me, and very versatile.

Narrow enough for ordinary ___ writing, but wide enough for wonder-scrolling, as you put it. And the perfect amount of crispness for me, as well. You've done a beautiful job with the "51" perfect for my writing. You've just given me an excuse for sitting at my desk for many long hours writing with this splendid nib! Avec tous mes remerciements, PD.

Pendleton, my favorite daily writers are pens you worked on. Bonjour Pendleton Did I tell you? I gave up writing with any nib that wasn't customized by you. (Special Pendleton Edition Tactile Turn). Added flex makes the steel nib feel like 18K gold. I received the (BadBoy)nib earlier this week and its awesome!!! I dont understand why you wont make any more of them but if you are willing to make more, please let me know. Anniversary Owners Club arrived today. Lovely looking and a dream to write with.

I received the Vac 700 nib yesterday. Needless to say, it is perfection. My amber Vac 700 with a Pendleton Brown flex nib with angel wings and frosted. Hi Pendleton, I just wanted to let you know the pens arrived safely!

The butter line stub is sublime, written words just look right and the shading is simply wonderful. I also love the PO nib, it's now as smooth as silk. Thank you for your craftsmanship.

Something occured to me as I was preparing my stuff to go to work tomorrow : the only pens that fit in my daily rotation are the ones you worked on... Lol your nib customization is the reason I find it difficult not to use them.

I've been writing with this pen for a week or so now, and I just want to say that I have a very hard time putting it down. The usability is just outstanding given the amount of line variation the nib provides. Thanks for the quick turn and great work. I probably won't have another to customize for a while, but you'll be at the top of my list should that need arise.

I received the Pilots 3 hours ago, and I just couldn't stop writing with them until now. I filled the amber one with KWZI old gold, and the black one with PR gray flannel, and they're both shading a lot. They are both crisp and smooth at the same time, the sizes are exactly what I hoped for.

Great appreciation for your magic touch. I received the two pens today.

I absolutely love the BLS. Between a true formal italic and a smooth stub. It has qualities of both which is perfect. Been using the pens for a month now. The only downside is that I'll probably be going through more ink since I'm finding more excuses to use them!

Ive heard podcasts, watched YouTube videos, read pen blogs, in which they speak of how smooth the writing is with their pen like butter just glides over the paper dont need to exert pressure heavenly. I truly understand what all the others have been talking about your Carene is fabulously smooth like butter just glides over the paper dont need to exert pressure heavenly. Youve brought me to a whole new level of existence.

Just an absolute joy to write with. Easily my favorite stub/italic nib. Thank you for the excellent work!

The BLS nibs you put on all of my Franklin-Christoph 1901s write beautifully. There arent enough superlatives to express how the pens write and how I feel about them. I wanted to say thanks for another great job--the MB 149 is now an impressive writer.

I haven't put the pen down. Pendleton - Just wanted t let you know the Krone and Bexley you worked your artistry on are incredible! These are now the best writers I have! WOW Pendleton, this nib is just great! I don't have much time this evening, but just had to tell you how much I enjoy it.

Im sending you my 144 tomorrow for Express Turnaround. I appreciate the work you do. It's great having a Pendleton pen. And the Mont Blanc 24 OB BLS you worked on earlier this year is a favorite.

It set the bar high for all nibs. I received the Aurora and it's better than I could have imagined. By the way, I like your new order form. It's handy to be able to choose the ink flow and a smooth or crisp nib. I like the crisp nib on the Delta and the smooth nib on the Aurora is perfect. I finally got to try out my new Broad BLS today and it is amazing! It's now on a gorgeous Newton Custom Rainforest acrylic.

The nib writes like a dream! I'll be sending all my customizations to you from now on. Both give rich luscious lines, with beautiful variation.

Thanks for the nib work! You really are an artist and. I'm impressed how you make the magic happen.

Many are lucky you do this and. Pen arrived yesterday and boy you really have a touch with these nibs.

You have made me one happy customer. Received the pens and just tested them both. The crisp is surprisingly smooth. It was just as I'd hoped.

The bit of line variation added gives the script the expressiveness it was lacking. Expect my Dupont next week.

I received the Visconti back - I'm loving it! Just a quick question - what kind of ink did you use in the sample that you wrote. Thanks once again for such a great job on this!

Just wanted to let you know that I picked the pen up earlier today, and its writing beautifully. The flow and smoothness are perfect. Thank you again for the work!

Great job on this pen.... it's smooth yet crisp and the flex is great too! Pendleton, Thanks so much for the nib! It is a joy to write with and really elevates the mini to one of my favorite pens. I received the TWSBI yesterday--amazing!!!! The pen arrived yesterday and it is writing beautifully; thanks Pendleton. Dear pendletonspens, This is my favorite nib from you ever! As you wrote: smooth yet crisp. Just about perfect wetness for me too. I may need to get others like this one.

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  • Modified Item: Yes
  • Nib Size: Medium (M) > BB
  • Material: good stuff!
  • Nib Material: Stainless Steel
  • Modification Description: BLS* Stub Italic + Falcon Flex!

  • Brand: TWSBI
  • Ink Color: your choice

TWSBI ARL 580 M with Pendleton's Elegant BLS Stub Italic + Falcon Flex! Yes