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LIMITED Japanese HANDMADE Ebonite Urushi Retractable Capless Safety Fountain Pen

LIMITED Japanese HANDMADE Ebonite Urushi Retractable Capless Safety Fountain Pen
LIMITED Japanese HANDMADE Ebonite Urushi Retractable Capless Safety Fountain Pen
LIMITED Japanese HANDMADE Ebonite Urushi Retractable Capless Safety Fountain Pen
LIMITED Japanese HANDMADE Ebonite Urushi Retractable Capless Safety Fountain Pen
LIMITED Japanese HANDMADE Ebonite Urushi Retractable Capless Safety Fountain Pen
LIMITED Japanese HANDMADE Ebonite Urushi Retractable Capless Safety Fountain Pen
LIMITED Japanese HANDMADE Ebonite Urushi Retractable Capless Safety Fountain Pen

LIMITED Japanese HANDMADE Ebonite Urushi Retractable Capless Safety Fountain Pen
LIMITED Japanese HANDMADE Ebonite Urushi Retractable Capless Safety Fountain Pen. Urushi Retractable Capless Safety Fountain Pen. HANDMADE & SEMI FLEXIBLE NIB. BRAND NEW, NEVER BEEN USED. WAS IN THE STOCK IN THE FACTORY FROM 1940s.

(CANNOT BE FOUND ANYWHERE ANYMORE). Fountain pen technology and technique is more than 70 years old.

1900s JAPANESE STATIONARY: NISHIO SEISHAKUSHO. A COMPANY WITH 100 YEARS OF HISTORY. Utilizing unusual materials and showcasing beautiful designs, Japanese stationary are works of art. It's rather impressive when one is pulled out from someone's pocket or pencil case, isn't it?

Very simple yet attractive and has more than 100 years of history, I will introduce you a fountain pen that were produce on the 40s in which was the golden era of fountain pen making in Japan. This fountain pen was in stock for a long period of time at the original factory. The model is made by the Japanese maker.

Started their journey in the early 1900s and does not operate anymore but still continuing their legacy. The president and owner of the company. Is the 2nd generation and 84 years old considered to be one of the national intellectuals in Osaka Japan in stationary revolution after world war two. Japan had the biggest economic booming all over the country; many stationary factories were made which does not exist anymore. Today I will upload such a pen that produced in 1940s in Osaka Japan and not available anymore.

DESIGN: EBONITE BODY & URUSHI. This is a classy looking fountain pen.

Its all ebonite with black plated finials and threading and comes with a clip. Due to its age pen seems a bit worn off as you can see in the picture. The ebonite warms to your hand while you write and it feels like satin.

The pen is glossy black same as pictures, it does show fingerprints, but they are easily wiped away with a soft cloth. SAME WITH WATERMAN SAFETY PENS. Above manual is for the Waterman Safety pen which is very similar to this model, You can refer to that before using it. This is a very delicate pen with vintage retractable eyedropper mechanism.

Please make sure to follow the instructions. If you unscrew the grip section from the barrel may cause damage to the retractable mechanism and mechanism will be broken inside eventually. So, please kindly read the manual before using it & if you have any questions feel free to ask. It is the model from 1940s, so we wont have any replacement if you have it broken the mechanism and return will not be acceptable.

Other then above mentioned precautions, you would love the pen as in any Japanese pens this mechanism is no longer available. This Rube Goldberg contraption is an eyedropper filler with retractable nib. Think of it as a small vial of ink that happens to have a nib inside. When you open the vial, it looks like a normal vial and you can fill it with ink. Turn the dial on the end and a nib comes out and seals against the section, after which you can use it like a normal fountain pen.

Compared to the slip cap pens of the time, what made it "safe" was that they could not leak while closed in the pocket since it is just like a small vial with a seal in the cap. After uncapping it, you must remember to fully extend the nib while holding the thing in the upright and locked position or you will spill a lot of ink.

Step 1: Retractable mechanism: Same mechanism with Waterman Safety pen. Screw the dial out the nib will go inside the barrel. Position will be upright or you may spill the ink.

Safety filling system were mostly abandoned after the inner cap and comb feed were invented. The inner cap seals against the part where the nib meets the section and prevents runaway ink from getting on the rest of the section where it might leak out or get on your fingers.

The comb feed provided much more surface area for ink to adhere to. Together, these developments solved the early leak problems and made safety pens obsolete. Step 2: Once the nib is completely in, then it is ready to fill the ink in upright position. Safety filling have a couple of advantages that allowed them to linger on well after they had been made obsolete.

Since the nib was kept immersed in ink when not in use, you could use far nastier ink (including India ink, if you're careful) that would clog ordinary fountain pens. Waterman actually marketed some as art pens because they could be used with India ink. Also, since the entire ink chamber is exposed when you uncap it, air pressure remains equalized and the pen is immune to problems from atmospheric pressure, making it popular for aviation use before hidden collectors and pressurized cabins were invented. Step 3: When the nib is completely retracted, then you can fill the ink with a dropper.

NISHIO ZERO: OSAKA'S STATIONARY LEGEND. As many family businesses, Nishio Zero decided to continue with his parents legacy and kept specializing the business centered by fountain pens.

The Osaka born 84 years old craftsman is the second generation of continuing with the family tradition of making stationary handmade. He got more into the industry at his high school days and thanks to all his experience, this unique and still handmade products can be seen in our eyes.

Nishio Seisakusho started it's first movements with stationary products with Nishio Zero's father more than 100 years ago in Osaka, Japan. At first, the main industry was not fountain pens nor mechanical pencils but right after Nishiro Zero got involve in the industry in his high school days, the fountain pen manufacture started to flourish. Were and are also famous not only because the. Always: Sunset on Third Street of 2005.

Also, on the second movie released on 2007. This well known movie reflects Japanese history from 1950s and 1960s and its based on the series of comics or manga called (Yuyake no shi) which started from 1974 and so far, there have been 65 publications. On 1990s a more direct anime was created and these series of videos were actually shown on T. I bought many fountain pens of these kind and are celluloid or ebonite made or unique material from Nishio's technology. It seems to be very comfortable fountain pens to use for long periods of time and the pattern of the body is very beautiful until now and a piece of art.

It is a dream to write with and by far one of the best gorgeous fountain pens that I have ever had in my hands. Or I would just say this is the one, one that will blow your mind. All the pens are brand new and was in stock in the factory for more than 70 years.

I have tesed the filling system, body and also the nib section and all in perfect condition. Writing with the nib is just amazing, so smooth and barely has any feedback to the paper. The nib is semi-flex and quite comfortable. Nibs will give quite a line variation to your writing.

You would love the pens that same way i do. I really like the design of the pen.

While the cap is almost flat top the barrel is finished in a nice polygon shape. It is a lightweight pen and the balance is perfect. Since it has passed quite a bit time since production, please be aware of some mild rusting that is shown in the pictures, you may not see them because it is so minor but I mention anyway.

For details, please check the photos. I tried my best with the pictures for you. There are several reasons why, these designs turn to be unique. One of these is because fountain pens are.

In all kind of industry, asking someone to make certain product by his/her own hands, turn to be highly appreciated and valued. Another reason is the fact that the. As the date Nishio's father, the craftsmanship who started the business. Also, Nishio is one of the. In Osaka, with more than 60 years of experience on the field, who has the skills to work.

The Celluloide and Ebonite designs. Pen Wing Stationary company in Japan.

We are an online stationery store for people in pursuit of the perfect pen. I love fountain pens, watches so much and carry a huge collection on my disposal. It is simply just because it gives me utmost pleasure to share the wisdom, history that lies behind all the vintage pens, watches and so on. It takes time and effort to collect them and only the collectors who have passion would understand that feeling of joy. Since the items survived many decades, please accept the flaws that they carry.

But certainly they will make you happy and you will be proud to have one of those in your hands and part of the history. We are also keen to stock from you too the brands that you carry.

I think your cooperation and support will build a strong relationship in broaden the network around the world. We cannot wait to hear from you soon. Our goal is to provide the best quality products and service and your satisfaction is important to us.

Your feedback is important to us. Please help us to stand out from other sellers and let us bring you the best products from worldwide. We will try our best to resolve the issue! Your satisfaction is guaranteed from our store. We look forward to serving you!

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  • Brand: Nishio
  • Material: Ebonite
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan
  • Details: Special Limited Edition Celluloid
  • Model: Ebonite Body Urushi

LIMITED Japanese HANDMADE Ebonite Urushi Retractable Capless Safety Fountain Pen