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Kuretake Black Urushi Makie SAKURAHARUKAZE Gold Iridium M Nib Fountain Pen

Kuretake Black Urushi Makie SAKURAHARUKAZE Gold Iridium M Nib Fountain Pen
Kuretake Black Urushi Makie SAKURAHARUKAZE Gold Iridium M Nib Fountain Pen
Kuretake Black Urushi Makie SAKURAHARUKAZE Gold Iridium M Nib Fountain Pen
Kuretake Black Urushi Makie SAKURAHARUKAZE Gold Iridium M Nib Fountain Pen
Kuretake Black Urushi Makie SAKURAHARUKAZE Gold Iridium M Nib Fountain Pen
Kuretake Black Urushi Makie SAKURAHARUKAZE Gold Iridium M Nib Fountain Pen
Kuretake Black Urushi Makie SAKURAHARUKAZE Gold Iridium M Nib Fountain Pen
Kuretake Black Urushi Makie SAKURAHARUKAZE Gold Iridium M Nib Fountain Pen
Kuretake Black Urushi Makie SAKURAHARUKAZE Gold Iridium M Nib Fountain Pen

Kuretake Black Urushi Makie SAKURAHARUKAZE Gold Iridium M Nib Fountain Pen
Kuretake Black Urushi Makie "SAKURAHARUKAZE" Gold Iridium M Nib Fountain Pen. Kuretake Rare Urushi Makie Art. Schmidt Iridium Gold Point M Nib Fountain Pen from Japan.

(BRUSH PEN TO FOUNTAIN PEN: BY US). KURETAKE BRUSH URUSHI MAKIE PEN BODY + EUROPEAN SCHMIDT NIB. Kuretake is a Japanese manufacturing company of writing implements.

The firm began its activities manufacturing Sumi ink and brushes and then expanded its range of products, producing mainly brush pens. Their current range of products profile includes. Markers, brush pens, inks, watercolors. Kuretake was founded in 1902 and was and is famous for making excellent brush and color brush pens with a fountain pen-like cartridge system that fuels the pen with ink from the inner section to the writing point.

But as Pen Wing Stationery! We like to elevate the elevated! We want to bring the brilliant and utmost beauty of the Kuretake Urushi makie brush pen collection to Urushi Maki-e Fountain pen lovers! By replacing brush tip with Schmidt Iridium Point Nib. Authentic and famous for their fude brush and now we bring a new flavor to it.

Schmidt makes the same quality nibs for many other brands and models like as follows. Franklin-Christoph: 14, 27, 29, 40. Twsbi: Diamond 530, Diamond 540, Diamond 580.

Makie, a traditional Japanese craft. Kuretake beautiful pattern with modern technology. Each Kuretake will deliver color and glossiness unique to Makie Art.

Nib Test Result: So Smooth & Beautiful Ink Flow. Customized Kuretake Urushi Makie Fountain Pen is Not included in the Kuretake catalog. It is customized with German Nib fitted into the pen and converter attached. URUSHI MAKI-E: HISTORY, TECHNIQUE & BEAUTY.

Maki-e is a Japanese lacquer art that utilizes urushi lacquer to decorate. Stemming from the words maku meaning to sprinkle and e meaning painting, maki-e is a technique that a gold powder is sprinkled over after undercoating, painting, and coloring so as to obtain a luxurious and stereoscopic effect. The quality of maki-e largely depends on the work process of shitaji (undercoating) and uwanuri (top coating) that affect the total outcome, and finally the togarashi (polishing of the surface to make it flat) after the top coating determines the quality of the final work.

The maki-e technique is distinguished from other decorating techniques such as hyomon technique in which haku and kirigane (gold foils thicker than haku) are used other than a gold powder, rankaku technique (decoration using fragments of quail and chicken egg shell to express the white color), and raden craft, which is a decoration made by inlaying shells like turbo marmoratus and abalone. It is also distinguished from chinkin technique, in which the gold powder or haku are inlayed into the carved surface.

STORY BEHIND THE URUSHI MAKI-E: SAKURAHARUKAZE "SAKURA SPRING BREEZE". The heart of the Japanese, cherry blossoms. It is a flower that symbolizes Japan, and says, "If there are no cherry blossoms in the world, the heart of spring will be calm (if there were no flowers of cherry blossoms in the world, people's hearts would have been calm)". As Ariwara no Narihira wrote, cherry blossoms have become an inseparable part of Japanese life and culture.

The Japanese are the only people who look forward to the cherry blossoms blooming in the spring when the snow melts and are willing to disperse them. The cherry blossoms given in the lacquer work this time are bright and pretty pink, and will be widely appreciated by young women and elderly people.

Sakura, which symbolizes Japan, is a perfect souvenir. It is a product that will please you both domestically and internationally. Founded under the name of "Kuretake Sumi" in 1902, the company began to produce the sumi, a brush similar in style to certain watercolor brushes, also with a generally thick wooden or bamboo handle and a broad soft hair brush that when wetted should form a fine tip. Oriental brushes were created for the traditional painting techniques of Japan and the Far East, such as sumi painting. Both the techniques themselves and the brushes have become popular in western countries. Bamboo and sumi brushes have become popular with watercolor artists for detailing and fine lines, while the hake brush is used much like a square wash. In 1965 Kuretake Industries Co. Was established as a plant specializing in the production of writing instruments while Tokyo office was established. In 1986 a subsidiary, Kuretake U. Was established in the West Midlands, England.

In 2014 another subsidiary, "Kuretake ZIG Corporation" was established in Sacramento, United States. WRITING EXPERIENCE: GERMAN INFLUENCED NIB ON JAPANESE MADE MAKIE BODY.

Right from the get-go, you can easily notice that bold, distinguished Schmidt Iridium Point Nib, is sturdy, well balanced, and has a brilliant ink flow. The nib comes in Medium Size, and both sizes have runny and well-defined stokes that can keep you all day adoring how smooth this nib is regardless of the material. The nib is made out of stainless steel material with an iridium point, but the writing experience does not compromise, The Medium-sized Iridium point has a gradient ink flow, with thicker ink is released at the end of each stroke and lighter release at the beginning of each stroke.

Why did we want to offer Medium nib? Either way writing on a fine tip of the medium tip is a personal preference, and the nib we selected: Schmidt Iridium Point is a great Nib to compliment the beautiful Urushi maki-e body of Kuretake Fountain Pen.

This model is a Medium Nib Size Fountain Pen. BEHIND THE CRAFT: PEN WING STATIONERY'S MANDATE.

The Kuretake brush pen is an excellent piece of writing instrument, But we love fountain pen and Urushi Makie, when it comes to Brush pens or Nib Style pens, we prefer Nib style pens! That's, why we decided to customize the brush pen to accommodate fountain pen enthusiasts and urushi makie lovers like you and me, to find the beautiful balance between the two great elements. REFILLS: CAN BE USED BY CARTRIDGE & CONVERTER. You can use European style: International Cartridge.

There are two versions of the international standard cartridge -'short' 38mm cartridges and'long' 73mm cartridges. This pen will accept either way. Kuretake Makie story Japan Limited. DU181-115 Body + Schmidt Nib.

Schimdt Iridium Point (M) Nib. Cartridge & Converter (Cartridge Included). Our goal is to provide the best quality products and service and your satisfaction is important to us. Your feedback is important to us. Please help us to stand out from other sellers and let us bring you the best products from worldwide. We will try our best to resolve the issue! Your satisfaction is guaranteed from our store.

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It takes time and effort to collect them and only the collectors who have passion would understand that feeling of joy. Since the items survived many decades, please accept the flaws that they carry. But certainly, they will make you happy and you will be proud to have one of those in your hands and part of the history. We are also keen to stock from you too the brands that you carry.

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  • Brand: Kuretake
  • Material: Resin
  • Ink Color: Black
  • Nib Size: Medium (M)
  • Vintage: No
  • Nib Material: Stainless Steel
  • Features: Gold Trim
  • Personalized: Yes
  • Modified Item: Yes
  • Modification Description: Japanese Kuretake Urushi Maki-e Brush Pen Body + Schmidt Nib
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Japan
  • Type: Fountain Pen
  • Nib Brand: Schmidt
  • Pen Body: Limited Japanese Urushi Maki-e Art
  • MPN: DU185-315

Kuretake Black Urushi Makie SAKURAHARUKAZE Gold Iridium M Nib Fountain Pen